fuck_proroguing_by_threeeyeswormDo you hate Stephen Harper, Canada’s Prime Minister who wants to eradicate Canadian rights, culture, values, abortion, women’s rights, arts, etc etc?  Would it be an added bonus if you could humiliate him the way he continues to make Canadians everywhere mortified?

Do you have $10? Well LET’S PARTY, bitches.

I just donated to ShitHarperDid.ca and you should too. Get this Ad on TV. Like Immediately.

Oh, and if you need another reason to hate Stephen “Paedo-Eyes” Harper, here’s him butchering John Lennon’s IMAGINE:


Image above by ThreeEyesWorm, I think – please contact me to correct if I’ve got it wrong. Ps. Can we get one of these kicking for Rob Ford?

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