NIKKI AWESOME DOLLS MUSIC UK SYNTHPOP PERFORMANCEI’m headed out on a mystery mission again this week, so all the things I’d just love to whisper to you will have to wait.  Follow me on Instagram if you want to know before anyone else.  OOH YOU’RE SO GEEKING OUT ON ME.  Don’t worry; I happen to find that an extremely attractive quality – just don’t overexert yourself.  Or overSEXert yourself, more like.

The show on Saturday at Tower Tavern.. How do I love thee? Rain, venue and tech a bit yikes, and might have potentially sworn at the audience because I’m so punk like that, Avril. However, awesome bands on the bill and the pictures came out well. What more do you want, really? A fucking pony? Join the queue, babe.

Here’s a slideshow.. Come to the next one xx

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