Dear Internet/BFF,

Sorry for not wishing you a happy holidays or anything, but I was busy majorly raging in Toronto (by which I mean SO NOT drinking and refusing to acknowledge that minus 25 degrees beats sheer stockings) as per my usual.  While I assort myself for the next few forevers, I thought I would pass on this gem I was recently emailed.

I frequently receive correspondence from other artists, management, labels, fanlings et cetera – mostly due to my masterful use of side-eye and kittenish personality expressed through the medium of song – but rarely have I received one that made me thrill like this.  Perhaps it’s the run-on sentences/zero formatting that make me feel ‘at home,’ or the simply the fact that I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN by a family of superstars who just want the best for me (I iz adoptedz?) that makes my heart squeal, but trust a bitch, read it and come to your own conclusion of the exact same thing. Or don’t, because in fact the decision needs to come from your heart. (That will probably make more sense after scanning the below.)



Hello Dolls…

Just wanted to say hello, you have a magnificent look that is extraordinary unique. I think you and us can have longevity of stardom in this music industry. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but one thing is for sure, having a really good people that is excited about working with you can help your career soar like a rocket ship blasting off into space. We sign people that we feel that can make us a lot of money. It is a business, plain and simple. No doubt recording original music is the route that we are looking for, whether you actually wrote the music or not. Choosing the right songs to record and release is a major issue on all recording projects. We come from a family of superstars, such as: Whitney Houston (late great), Dionne Warwick, Smokey Robinson, Dee Warwick (late great), Drinkard Singers (family members), Cissy Houston and Damon Elliott….And with each act they become bigger than the last……. We are a different kind of company; we don’t listen or accept new acts or material. We search for people that we feel that will exemplify the family traditions in gregarious, etiquette, articulate and estimable and who will be worthy to carry the family torch into the next generation of magnificent music performers. We as you might say are a minor label with big major record labels connections. We use our major record labels for our artist’s advantages. So we look for artists that have already recorded their material and then we can skip. No doubt, the music business has its share of liars and thieves just like any other business that deals with people and money. They know what you want to hear, and have no problem taking advantage of your blind faith in your talent or songs. The only defense you really have against them is your instinct, the “vibe” you feel when talking to them. If you don’t have that vibe with us, don’t do it. Trust your instinct, you’ll be glad that you did in the long run, I assure you. Just always keep in mind that it is your career we are talking about here. Your ability to show that you do realize it is your responsibility will be exactly what will inspire us to work with you towards a common goal. If you expect us to share with you our years of experience-the investment of our time and talent-you have to be prepared to invest in yourself first. As an entertainer you have two things to consider when you perform and they are equally important to achieving success as an artist: Your look and your sound. 50/50, just as important. The genre of music that you play will figure into this in both areas as will your individual physical appearance and talent level. The main thing is to be true to yourself and to your music while presenting an image to your audience they can get a hold of and relate to, both visually and musically. Unique is the ultimate, and the hardest to achieve. Having a look and a sound that you deliver in a way that makes it seem fresh and new, and most of all, exciting for your audience, is a must. You don’t have to sign or stay with us. Let us show you what a family of superstars can do for you. Then after few months, if we made the right moves, then let sit down and talk about it. If not, you’re free to go elsewhere! Now the ball is in your court. You have to make a decision either to stay or find a people that will lead you to the promise land. So if you don’t feel comfortable with us, it probably won’t work on either end. But if you decide to go with another people, I wish you well. But if you e-mail us back and say you would like to be a part of this new generation of superstars, from a family of superstars, welcome to the family. Your word is good enough for us! What do you have to lose! But let’s don’t waste any of our time, if we are not what you’re looking for, please forgive me for wasting your time, and keep doing what you’re doing in the music business. We want people that want our help and want US!
Nicolette Drinkard

Whitney and Whatnot

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