Toronto Star front cover

Jesus, what’s wrong with you people?  MAKE HIM GO.  STOP BEING SO FUCKING NICE.

I Just signed the Change.org petition to have Toronto Mayor Rob Ford removed from office, and here’s why:

Because he doesn’t represent the values of Torontonians; because he makes Toronto look like a big bunch of fools (on an international scale) for having elected him and for still not having ousted him despite allegations of his implication in drug dealing, possible murder investigations, and confirmation that he regularly takes illicit drugs; because he has consistently demonstrated he is a bigot and homophobe, who will frequently resort to intimidation tactics when confronted with his own behaviour; because he cannot conform to BASIC degrees of social or political decorum and is completely corrupt, using his influence as mayor and manipulating the law as it suits his purpose.


Oh, we’ve known this for forever? Why am I even signing this? He should be gone already. Come on Toronto, you can be famous on Jeopardy for something better than THIS.


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