DOLLS Music UK DrunkenWerewolf Review Reverbnation

I was sooo excited to be picked up by DrunkenWerewolf I had to interpretively dance it. If you’ve never heard of DrunkenWerewolf, I’m kind of confused as to how you managed to access the future with your 28.8 modem and a simple toaster oven. Like really – where have you been?

From DrunkenWerewolf:

London based act DOLLS brings some much needed grit to the city’s pop scene, calling to mind the underworld pout of Fan Death and Fortuna POP signees at their dirtiest.

DOLLS is the project of a nameless singer songwriter whose commercial pop career went “AWOL” sometime in mid-2009. From that failed adventure this project sprung, and unsurprisingly an aversion to mainstream conventions echoes throughout the material on offer to date. Lead song “Limited Ltd”, available to stream below, bounces its way through verse to a chorus that resembles Pawws at her most addictive. The addition of industrial-styled synth however draws closer comparison to Fan Death side-project Dandi Wind, elevating the song above standard fare into a world of its own.

To find out more about DOLLS and her self-releasing ways, head over to her FaceBook page here.


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